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rickets. Another bone case was in a girl of seven, who was noticed to limp thirteen months before admission to hospital, when the right leg was two and one-half inches shorter than the left. The shafts of femur and tibia were thickened, chiefly at their ends. Some thought the disease syphilitic. Another child of eight, boy, who had dysen- tery when seven weeks old, followed by swelling of right knee, which lasted two months, a year ago walked with peculiar gait, resembling that in congenital dislocations. No pain, no tenderness, joint movements free. The trochanters were raised, especially the right, prominently so on adduction of legs. A member compared the case to septic arthritis in adults after dysentery. They were often of long duration. .A case of double coxa vara with possi- ble fracture of neck of right femur, as seen in skiagrams, was shown in a boy of sixteen. .A barrow fell on him in August, 1905, and broke his right thigh. The trochanter was more prominent than the left, and was three-fourths of an inch above Nelaton's line. Both limbs rotated out- ward; abduction and adduction much limited: walking difficult, and the gait that of coxa vara. The lad said his toes had always turned out. but he was active and could join in games up to the time of his accident. The antivivisectionists are angry with the Rnyal Com- mission for deciding to hold its meetings in private and have protested that the press must be admitted and the witnesses cross-examined by counsel in order to elucidate the truth. Mr. Stephen Coleridge said he was most anx- ious to be examined and cross-examined. Poor fellow, his appetite for notoriety seems unappeasable. The Royal Commission on the care and control of the feeble-minded have been entrusted bv an extension Zetia Discount of their terms of reference with the additional duty of in- quiring into the constitution, jurisdiction, and working of the Commission in Lunacy and of other lunacy authorities, and into the expediency of amending the same or adopting some other system of supervising the care of lunatics and the mentallv defective, and of reporting as to any amend- ments in the law which should, in their opinion, be adopted- This great addition to the duties of the Commission may well be the forerunner of a complete Zetia Cost reform of onr lunacy laws and their administration. OUR BERLIN LETTF.R, (From Our Special Corresponcient.) WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW CAN AMERICAN PHVSICIANS OBTAIN POSTGFADVATE INSTRlCTtON IN GERMANV? Berlin. October jj. n)o6. In Berlin there are three organizations for postgraduate study, the first of which is the Dozenleiirerfin fiir Ferien- kursc. These courses are held twice a year, in the months of October and March. In case Easter corfles in the month of March the courses are held in April. These courses are given by the Universitv Do:entcn and their assistants, and are noteworthy for their variety and excellence. For ex- ample, to mention a few subjects, normal and pathological anatomy is taught by eighteen instructors, internal medicine by forty-one. neurolog)- bv seven, sursery by ten, Zetia Coupons onhthal- mology by six, Price Of Zetia rhinology by ten. gvnecology by eight, and skin and urinarv diseases bv ten. In addition lectures are held on physiology, forensic medicine, hygiene, chemistry, radiotherapy, and scientific nhotographv. Information re- garding these courses may be obtained from the office of the Langenbeckhans. Ziegelstrasse to. .Another organiza- tion for the same purnose is the Vcrriiii^tDit: :ur Vcrnn- staltu'is foil Kurscn fiir fraktischr .•1er:te. This is much smaller thnn Cholesterol Zetia the previous o"e. hut nossesscs the advantage that its courses are given througho-tt the entire vear. be- ginning with the first of everv month. Its members are seventeen lahoratorv and clinical workers, who give in- struction in bacteriologv. internal medicine, massage, psy- chiatry. surZetia 10 Mg onhthalmology. rhinologj-. otology, gyne- colopv. urology, dermatologv. and disorders of speech. Corrrsnondence for the association is conducted through the book store of Oscar Rothacker. Friedrichstrasse 105. The third organisation is the Verein fiir acrctliche Fort- bildungskurse, and is in general very similar to the pre- ceding one. Under its auspices courses lasting four weeks are given every quarter, including all medical branches. The business address of the organization is care of the book store of Otto Enslin. Karlstrasse 32. In addition, once or twice every year practical courses in bacteriology are given in the Koniglichcn Institut fiir Infektionskrank- heiten. These cover bacteriological technique, with espe- cial reference to modern methods in dealing with domestic and tropical diseases, as well as the subjects of immunity and the specific treatment of infectious diseases. The en- tire course consists of fifty lectures requiring from one t« one and one-half hours a day, and of practical laboratory work. Besides these facilities for postgraduate work, a great many of the directors of municipal or governmental institutions, laboratory workers, chiefs of clinic, etc., give courses at any time when they can secure a sufficient num- ber of participants. In general three to four persons are sufficient to form a class. In Greifswald there is an association for postgraduate study. The courses comprise only the chief branches, and usually are held in the la', surgery, g>'necology, and ophthalmology. Address, Dr. Kerschensteiner, Zicmssenstrassc 79. In Erlangen and in Wiirzburg there are associations for postgraduate study which usually hold their courses in Sep- tember. Correspondence should be addressed to Privat- dozent Dr. O. Schulz. Erlangen, or to the Univcrsitats- quastur. Wiirzburg. In Dresden courses are held in the Koniglichen Fraucn- klinik during May. November, and February. In addition, during the summer and winter terms clinical instruction is given daily. Inquiries should be addressed to the Di- relction der Fraucnklinik, Dresden. In Leipsic there is an association for postgraduate study which gives courses in ophthalmology, internal medicine, bacteriology, pediatrics, urology, otology, dermatology, and surgery, usually during the month of August. Information may be obtained from the Univcrsitatsquiistur, Leipsic. In Jena postgraduate courses are held during July in the following subjects: psychiatry, gynecology, internal medi- cine, surgery, ophthalmology, otology, rhinology, hygiene, bacteriolog?-' and pharmacology. Information may be ob- tained froni Prof. Dr. Giirttner, Jena. In Hamburg during November postgraduate instruction is given in the Eppcndorfer Krankenhaus in internal medi- cine, nervous diseases, surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology, pathologv-. rhinologj'. otology, massage. Roentgenology, urology, dermatology, hygiene, and forensic medicine. Courses are also given in the Seemanns Krankenhaus und Institut fiir Schiffs und Tropcnkrankheiten during the months of April. May. June. October, and November. These are especially intended for ships" surgeons and deal with tropical diseases and allied subjects. Correspondence should be directed to Prof. Dr. Nocht. OUR VIENNA LETTER. (From Our Special Buy Zetia Online Correspondent.) VESICAL CALCULUS — PUERPERAL STRANGULATION OF THE SPLEEN — PERFORATING WOUND OF THE LUNG — URICOLYSIS— CHRONIC PANCREATITIS — IODOFORM WAX. Vienna. September 20. 1906. Dr. Hugo Unterberg has recently operated on several un- usual cases of vesical calculus. The first Zetia Online patient was a man of twentj' vears, who complained of urinary dribbling and severe paiii in the bladder region. A stone present in the membranous urethra blocked the lumen so completely that not even the thinnest sound could be passed beyond it. The Roentgen rays were resorted to in order to determme whether stones were present in the bladder also, and tw» calculi were revealed. A suprapubic cystotomy was therefore done. The second patient was a man sixty-seven years 836 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. 24, 1906 old, Zetia Hair Loss who exhibited the typical picture of stone. Cystoscopic examination revealed the presence of numerous calculi, arranged in two rows behind the moderately enlarged cen- tral lobe of the prostate. Forty-nine uratic concretions were removed by the suprapubic operation. In the first case an exact diagnosis would have been impossible with- out the Roentgen rays, and in the second the operation was much facilitated by the cystoscopy. Unterberg sutures the bladder completely only in those cases in which pure urate or oxalate stones are present ; if there are phosphatic calculi, the vesical incision is not Cheap Zetia closed entirely, but is Buy Zetia drained in the suprapubic region. The same operator has recently had an interesting case of renal calculus. This patient, who was thirty-five years old, had for some years complained of pain in the left side. On making a cysto- scopic examination, it was found that the bladder was the seat of a diffuse cystitis, and that the left ureteral orifice was dilated, while the right one was normal. The left kidney was functionally inefficient, and at the nephrotomy a well-marked perinephritis was revealed. The exposure of only a part even of the convexity of the organ was at- tended with considerable difficulty, owing to the density of the adhesions. On opening the pelvis, What Is Zetia which was much dilated, five stones were removed. The patient made an uncomplicated recovery. A puerperal strangulation of the spleen has been treated by Prof. Barsany. The twenty-six-year-old primapara pre- sented the symptoms of a severe peritonitis, owing to tor- sion of the pedicle of a wandering spleen. On admission she had a high temperature and Zetia Prices 17,000 leucocytes, so that a tentative diagnosis of suppurating ovarian cyst was made. Some weeks later the fever had subsided and Barsany opened the Zetia Cheap abdomen. Fifteen Discount Zetia liters of pus were evacuated from an enormous cystic swelling, while near the lumbar vertebrse the necrotic spleen with its twisted pedicle was found. The organ was extirpated, and the abscess cavity was flushed out and drained, after its wall had been sutured to the abdominal wall. It was supposed that the spleen became freely movable after an attack of malaria, and that its pedicle became twisted in the course of the pregnancy, producing hemorrhage into its capsule, which was followed by infection from the intestine and gave rise Zetia Discount Card to the enor- mous abscess, although the condition might have been pye- mic in origin. Ernst Fischer successfully treated a perforating wound of the lung, caused by a stab from a pocket-knife, in a woman thirty-two years old. The wound was four cm. in length, on the left side of the thorax, and a thick stream of blood mixed with air poured out. Zetia Price On extending the skin wound, it was found that the wound, which traversed the eighth intercostal space, did not involve the costal arteries. Ten centimeters of the ninth rib were resected and the pleural wound extended ; the lung was drawn out and was found to present a wound six Zetia Coupon cm. deep, from which arterial blood was flowing. The hemorrhage was promptly con- trolled by five catgut sutures and the pleural cavity drained. Coinplete recovery followed in five weeks. Koloman Bauer Cost Of Zetia has succeeded in obtaining from ox blood an active ferment in solution which in a period of three days is capable of chemically decomposing 83 per cent, of the uric acid added to it. The fermentative capacity is greater when the amount of uric acid added is compara-

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