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of these proposals be accepted, the Congress recommends to the legislatures to amend the liquor license act by limit- ing the rights and privileges of municipal councils in such a way as to permit them to grant only one liquor license per 1. 000 of population. The attitude taken by the French- speaking physicians of the Province of Quebec at their recent Congress is Buy Cheap Zestoretic favorably commented upon, Zestoretic 20 25 Mg for it fur- nished a reliable expression of opinion on a subject which is receiving considerable Order Zestoretic Online attention in Canada at present. Stringent measures have recently been inaugurated by the Ontario Government to deport all delinquents and de- pendents who have resided in Canada for less than two years. Already a large number of immigrants have been returned to the European ports, and a careful inquiry is being made to ascertain the number of patients in the hospitals for the insane who have had less than two years' residence in this countr>-. For several years there has been evidence of the fact that in the large immigration to Can- ada there were many who soon became a public charge and whose maintenance had to be provided for in public institutions. Strange to say. there was considerable hesi- tation in taking the steps which are now being taken to have such persons returned to their homes. One of the results will no doubt be that steamship and railway com- 834 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. 24, 1906 panics will be more careful when they understand that the undesirable immigrants brought over have to be returned free by the transportation companies. Those coming from the United States are also returned to their homes, for as a result of a recent census it was quite manifest that in the public institutions of Ontario there were many Ameri- can citizens being cared for who had resided in Canada for less than two years. There have been several football fatalities in Canada during the past few weeks; in fact, so frequent have been these unfortunate occurrences that it is now suggested that the game should be prohibited. The university campus at Toronto has been the scene of numerous accidents, and two young men who went into the game there in ap- parently the best of health w^ere fatally injured. Montreal, Ottawa, and Kingston have each reported serious acci- dents. It is said that last year in the United States twenty- eight students were killed and over 1,000 more seriously injured at football. Canada this year is certainly contrib- uting its full share to the fatalities of the sport. Consid- ering the numbers engaged, the casualty list is greater than in the late Russo-Japanese War. It is now seriously felt that a game with such a record should have no place in college life, and its total banishment from the campi of Canadian universities will not cause much surprise or any long-continued regret. OUR Purchase Zestoretic LONDON LETTER. (From Oi.r Special Correspondent.) HYGIENE .\ND FOOD SUPPLY — DILAT.-\TI0N OF THE HEART — BACTERIOLOGY OF ASEPTIC WOUNDS — CLINICAL EXHIBITS — THE VIVISECTION COMMISSION — FEEBLE-MINDED Zestoretic Online COMMISSION TO REPORT ON LUNACY. London, November 2, 1906. A PUBLIC meeting convened by the National Health Society was held on Monday, with the object of drawing attention to the need for further measures to guard the food supply of the country. Sir F. Treves took the chair and, remark- ing that the society liad for years preached to deaf ears, but it was to be hoped that for once the public would listen, urged the importance of Purchase Zestoretic Online the food supply, as it affected everyone personally and acutely. This supply was spoken of as good, but much uncertainty existed as to whether it was wholesome, untainted, and incapable of communicating disease. As the bacillus of typhoid was not visible to the public, they did not seem to mind swallowing it by the thousand. The matter touched the diminishing birth rate at one end and the infant mortality at the other. The treatment of our meat before we ate it was no advance on that of the cave dwellers. It was said tliat cooking de- stroyed all germs, but that was no reason for throwing meat on the floor. Our neglect was being paid for by ill health, disease, and death. He paid a cordial tribute to the Lisinopril 20 work of the medical officers of health, but those gentlemen would agree that their inspections were carried out at the wrong end— at the finish instead of at the source. He quoted Zestoretic Price certain statements from the last report of the med- ical officers for Stepney and declared such things could only be remedied by an aroused public opinion. Sir J. Crichton-Browne referred to a meeting held a fen- days previously, when it was declared that recent revela- tions about canned meats had only the flimsiest foundation, and that on the whole they were as nutritious as fresh meat. He disputed these statements. Properly prepared canned meats were palatable, wholesome, and nutritious, though not so nutritious as fresh. It was most desirable they should be subjected to inspection — as, indeed, should all perishable foods. Imported foods should bring with them a public warranty from the country of origin, and also be tested at the port of entry. Inspection must be of a highly technical and skilled character if the wiles of the adulterator were to be circumvented. Private slaughter- houses should be abolished and the London Act which penalized the sending a diseased carcass to market should be extended to the whole country. The adulteration acts worry the retailer, but let the real culprit go scot free. A resolution was adopted demanding further protection of our food, particularly meat, milk, preserved foods, and shellfish. At the Medico-Chirurgical Dr. A. M. Gossage read a paper on "Dilatation of the Heart," advocating almost ex- C'lj.'-ivelv the myogenic theory. The action of the heart being of muscular origin, he attributed dilatation to dimin- ished tone of the fibers of the muscle, though he admitted that tonicity might be affei-tcd by nervous or other influ- ences, and that in either direction. Thus it would seem that those who do not accept the myogenic explanation inve foundation for their scepticism. Dr. Gossage credited tlic cardiac muscle with the power of rhythmically building up excitability, conductivity, contractility, and tonicity. He cdopted the view that the contraction started from the great veins, but he had to admit that it is possible under artificial stimulus that it may begin in the ventricles. Dila- tation, he held, was due to diminution of tonicity and was associated with increased e.xcitability, and also, perhaps, contractility. Drugs which increase tonicity are followed by a reverse condition. With loss of tone the ventricles become the more excitable part and extra systoles ensue, and if this loss become excessive, the stimulus is greater still in the ventricles, and from them the rhythm starts. In discussing the paper, Dr. A. Morison remarked that more than one factor was concerned in any organic action, and in loss of tone the blood supply and innervation had to Zestoretic 20 be considered. The most constantly rhythmic organs had the most nerve supply. He could not accept the myo- genic theory as altogether sufficient. Dr. E. I. Spriggs referred to mechanical factors as the load Generic Zestoretic on the ventricular walls in bringing on dilatation, and said he would like some proof of extra systoles starting in the ventricle. Dr. John Hay mentioned the new point of the paper, viz., that when tone increased, other functions decreased. It was doubtful whether tonicity was of the same nature as contractility. He cited the effects of infusing sodium and digitalis. Professor Wenckebach accepted the myogenic theory in full. Was the stimulus Zestoretic Generic for contraction given by nerves Buy Zestoretic or the cardiac muscle? The properties of the latter were known and could be acted on. No proof was forthcoming that tone and rate were interdependent. The relation of tonicity to contractility was not known. This discussion seems to show that physiology has yet more to investigate on Order Zestoretic the points considered. At the Medical Society "The Bacteriology of Aseptic Wounds" was the subject of a paper by Drs. Dudgeon and Sargent. The staphylococci were spoken of a good deal. In fifty aseptic wounds, most of them operative, no chemical antiseptic having been used in forty-five, the authors found in these forty-five the wound was sterile in twenty-six. In the other nineteen the Staph, albus was present in fif- teen. In six of the forty-five the skin was sterile. In only one of the whole fifty cases was there suppuration, and in that the 5. aureus was found. In all there was some pyrexia after operation which they thought due to 6". albus. They suggested that this might play a physiologi- cal part. Mr. Lockwood considered any wound containing bac- teria to be septic. He used carbolic acid, but only one in sixty, and thought chemical antiseptics Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg indispensable in London. Mr. Spencer thought there was no proof of such di-^tinc- tion between 5. albus and 5". aureus, as suggested in the paper. Mr. Malcolm said the S. albus was not always present, and therefore could not be physiologically necessary in healing wounds, and inflammation sometimes had a chemi- cal origin. Mr. Leedham-Green described experiments with pure metals as sutures, etc. Copper was the most powerful bactericidally, silver and iron being both much weaker. At the Clinical Society there were many interesting ex- hibits. .\ case of traumatic cephalhydrocele in a female infant of si.x weeks which he had treated by operation was shown by Mr. Drew. The baby was admitted to the hospital within a few hours of accident with a large swell- ing on the right side of the head. There Zestoretic Tablets had been no loss of consciousness. For two days after admission there was twitching of left arm and leg and impulse in the swelling when the child cried. The tumor increased and the gap in the bone w-idened to about one-half an inch. At the operation the sac was found to be formed by separated peritoneum. On letting off the fluid profound shock en- sued. The fracture was in the parietal, one-half inch across, and through the center hernia of brain protruded. This was cut off, the bones drawn together with silver wire, periosteum replaced, and the wound sutured. Mr. Godlee congratulated Mr. Drew, and remarked on the rarity of success in such cases. Another brain case was a child of four years and ten months admitted to the Children's Hospital with symptoms of cerebellar tumor. Mr. Ballance operated in June, 1905, and removed the large tumor shown. Good recovery followed. Dr. Garrod showed a case of alkaptonuria. A girl of three Zestoretic Strengths was the patient, Zestoretic Cost and no other case had been known in the families of her parents who were not related. The condition seems more rare in females than in males, only Nov. 24, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 83= six or seven cases in girls being recorded out of a total of about forty congenital cases. Several bone cases were exhibited, e.g. traumatic sepa- ration of the head of the femur, as shown in a skiagram. Malunited fracture of both bones at the ankle joint treated by operation. Deformity of the long bones in a girl of eight. Skiagrams seemed to show that the chief deformi- ties were due to fractures and Cheap Zestoretic irregular ossification at short distances from the epiphyseal lines. Mr. Glutton, president, thought the case was one of rickets, and still progressing; he found fragilitas ossium often due to Buy Zestoretic Online

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