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well-known physician of Plainfield, N. J., who was once mavor of that citv. died suddcnlv of heart dis- ease on November 13, at the age of sixty years. He was graduated from the New York Homeopathic Medical College in 1877. After practising for a short time Purchase Zantac in Connecticut, he returned to Plainfield, and had lived there ever since. Dr. T. M. A'Heron of Hampton Junction, N. J., died of nephritis on November 15, at the age of sixty years. He was born in Ireland, and came to this country about thirty years ago. For many years he was a surgeon to the Central Railroad of New Jersey, and was well known for his skill in perform- ing amputations. Dr. Ferdinand Beach of this city died on November 15 in Santa Barbara, Cal., where he had gone about a year ago for his health. Dr. Beach was born in New Haven, and was graduated from the Yale Medical School in 1864, and served as an army surgeon from that time until the end of the Civil War. Dr. W. A. Ball of Toronto, Ont., died on Novem- ber 3, at the age of thirty-eight years. He was graduated from Trinity and University College eleven years ago, and had acquired an extensive practice in Toronto. Dr. Asa Wall of Winchester, Va., died on November 10, at the age of seventy-six years. Dr. Wall was a surgeon in the U. S. Army during the war with Mexico and during Buy Zantac the Seminole and other Indian wars. During the Civil War he served in the Confederate Army. Dr. William Shafer of Camden, N. J., died on Zantac 75 Mg November 8 of heart disease, at the age of fifty-five years. Dr. Shafer Online Zantac was born in Leesburg, Va., and was graduated from Jefferson Medical College in the class of 1884. Dr. OssiAN Sumner of Providence, R. I., died on November 11, at the age of eighty-seven years. He was born in Ashford, Conn., and received his medi- cal education at Jefferson Medical School in Phila- delphia, from which he was graduated in 1844. He practised for a year at Pomfret and then removed to Providence, where he had practised ever since. He was Zantac Mg made a member of the State Board of Phar- macy in 1870, and had held numerous other official positions. Dr. Leopold De Rudder of Marcus, Wash., died on November 8, at an advanced age. He was a native of Belgium, and was educated in Brussels, but came to this country when a young man, and v^as surgeon in the Mexican Army during the war with the Where To Buy Zantac United States. In i860 he entered the service of the U. S. Army and came to Colville as an army surgeon in 1872. When Fort Colville was aban- doned in 1883 he began private practice, and had been ensraged iA active work imtil recently. Dr. J. R. Mansfield of Wakefield, Zantac Coupon Mass.. died on November 1 1 in Chelmsford. Dr. Mansfield was born in Carlisle, Mass., in 1832, and after serving as surgeon in the Civil War he settled in Wakefield, and had been engaged in active practice until a few vears ago. Dr. J. T. Reeve of Appleton, Wis., died on November 5, at the age of seventy-four years. Dr. Reeve was "born at Goskgn, N. Y., and was a grad- uate of Jefferson Medirai College, Philadelphia. He had practised in Wisconsin since 1855, and for nine- teen vears was secretary of the Wisconsin State Board of Health ; he also served several terms as president of State Medical Society. Dr. H. H. Rodman, formerly of this city, died suddenly in Buffalo on November 12. He was graduated from the College of Physicians and Sur- geons in Order Zantac Online the class of 1896. Nov. 24, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 833 (Hamspanhnut. OUR CANADIAN LETTTER. (Prom Our Special Correspondent.) DEATH OF DR. JA.\1ES STEWART OF MONTREAL — WINNIPEG MEDICAL ASS0CI.\TION — PROVINCIAL TUBERCULOSIS E.\ UIBIT Zantac 300 Mg — MEDICAL INSPECTION OF MONTREAL SCHOOLS — CONSU.MP- TION OF ALCOHOLIC STIMULANTS IN CANAD.\ — DEPORTATION OF DEPENDENTS AND DEUNQUENTS — FOOTBALL FATALITIES IN CANADA. Toronto, November 10, ivo6. The death of Dr. James Stewart of Montreal has removed one of the greatest names from the list of Canadian physi- cians. He had a distinguished career. Born in 1846, he studied at McGill University, where he graduated with honors in 1869. He subsequently studied at Edinburgh, Vienna, Berlin, and London ; in fact, he was always a student, and nearly every year went to Europe and spent some time at the hospital centers. He l)egan the practice of his profession in a small country hamlet, where his qualifications were so recognized tliat his eminence brought to the little village the greatest fame it ever had before or since. He was beloved by all his professional confreres, and the field of his work became very extensive. He de- clined all invitations to leave the coimtry for the city until 1883, when the chair of Materia Medica at IMcGill was offered to him. Then he reluctantly left the field of coun- try practice to enter upon the duties of the professoriate in Montreal. During the whole of his career he did special and vahiahlu work in nervous diseases, and after taking up his residence in .Montreal he became recognized as probably the best C.inadian authority in that department of medi- cine. His whole life was devoted to work. His observa- tion was e.Nceedingly acute, and it was often remarked that he gathered more information with the eye than most men could by a complete examination of the patient. His clinics were certainly unsurpassed in Canada, and were always greatly appreciated by the students. He deprecated shotgun prescriptions made up of many ingredients. "Never give a drug," he would say, "unless you have a very good reason for doing so, and then give sufficient to be of some use, and give it in the simplest way you can." He was for several years before his death Professor of Medicine at McGill. His acutencss at clearing up a diag- nosis made his skill in great demand. His kindly disposi- tion was coupled with a most retiring manner. On the opening of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Dr. Stewart was unanimously selected for the position of physician-in-chief, and so continued until his death. His chief Cheap Zantac medical works were "Treatment of Heart Affections" and a textbook on "Nervous Diseases." Besides these he Buy Zantac Online wrote numerous papers for English. American, and Canadian medical jour- nals. He was a past president of the Canadian Medical Association and did excellent work on its behalf. Dr. Stewart had been ill for about two years, but the final ill- ness lasted little more than a week. An apoplectic shock was the immediate cause of death. The Winnipeg Medical Association has held its annual meeting and elected the following officers : President, Dr. E. W. Zantac Online Montgomery; First Vice-President, Dr. J. R. Davidson ; Second Vice-President, Dr. N. J. McLean ; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. C. H. Vrooman; Councillors, Drs. McKinty, A. MacKay, Galloway, and Todd. Judging from the interest manifested at the annual meeting, the association has entered upon a year with promising results. The Ontario Government has decided to take practical action with a view of educating the people of the province in regard to the nature of tuberculosis and the means avail- able both for its cure and its prevention. The tuberculosis exhibit which was made under the auspices of the Cana- dian National Sanitarium Association during the meeting of the British Medical Association at Toronto in .\ugust is to be duplicated, and arrangements are now being made by the Provincial Board of Health to have this exhibit open for a certain number of days in each county in On- tario. The exhibit will in this way reach, and doubtless benefit, every portion of the country. This marks a new step 300 Mg Zantac in the .great forward movement to educate the people in regard to the nature of the disease and the sim- ple but effective methods by which tuberculosis can be pre- vented. The bold action taken by the Ontario Government in this matter is certain to bring about results that could not be easily accomplished without such influences behii\d them. The Provincial Secretary of Ontario. Hon. \V. J. Hanna, has. by deciding to take action in educating the people of Ontario in regard to tuberculosis, shown himself to be favorable to medical progress. The exhibits are now being arranged for in such a way that all the cities and county towns will be given the advantages of these free exhibits, with the series of lectures that will accompany them. Ihe medical inspection of schools has been established in the city of Montreal, where there are 175 schools, with a school population of 150,000 children. Forty Zantac 150 Mg Purchase Zantac Online medical practitioners were recently appointed by the City Council to carry Order Zantac on the work. One inspector, in presenting his first report, gives many reasons why the work should be diligently carried out. These reasons speak of 'thirty pupils out of a class of sixty-six, attacked by measles, as the result of one pupil suffering from measles attending that class; schools suffused by stenches from civic dump heaps; 15 per cent, of pupils at one school suffering from defective eyesight; 15 per cent, of pupils at another school suffering from tumors, which are disclosed by a simple examination at first sight, and which are the cause of seri- ous throat troubles. These tumors predispose the pupils to diphtheria and reveal their presence by eruptions on the face. We found a school in a basement, where the light is defective, the air bad, and humidity permanent ; a sdiool beneath the basement of a church ; temporary accommoda- tion at one school to deceive the medical inspector ; forty pupils crowded in one classroom where the cubic contents of air should barely suflSce for fifteen; large numbers of pupils showing signs of tuberculosis and insufficient nutri- tion." With such conditions reported there is every reason to expect that the system of medical school inspection will produce good results. The citizens of Montreal have set an excellent example to other Canadian cities in thus pro- tecting the lives of the children, and a determined effort is likely to be made that will prove a blessing, the value of which it would be difficult to estimate. A recent Government return shows that the per capita consumption in Canada of alcoholic liquors and tobacco during the year ending June 30, 1906, was as Zantac 150 follows: Spirits, .927 gallons; beer, l5,.66o gallons; wine, .6989 gal- lons ; tobacco, 2.991 pounds. This report shows a decrease in the quantity of spirits and an increase in beer, wine, and tobacco compared with previous years. The duties paid were at the followig per capita rate: Spirits, $1,939; beer, $2.46; wine, $0.54; tobacco. $1,135. Dr. G. Bourgeois presented a report Zantac Buy to the recent Congress of French- speaking physicians in which he gave some Zantac 150mg striking details of alcoholism, indicating that, as compared with other countries, Canadians are a temperate people. In the Prov- ince of Ontario there is one "bar" for every 815 people; in the Province of Quebec, one for every 1,045 people; and in New Brunswick, one for every 1,898 people. Full and interesting discussions followed a paper presented by Dr. Triboulet of Paris on "Alcohol as a Causal Influence of Tuberculosis." As a result of these discussions the fol- lowing resolutions were adopted by the Congress: (l) The surest method of doing away with alcoholism in Can- ada would be to pass a law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of all distilled alcoholic liquors in the Dominion of Canada, save for therapeutic and industrial purposes. (2) If for political or other reasons, this proposal cannot be realized, it is desirable that the Provincial Government should undertake to carry on the liquor traffic. (3) Should the Provincial Government refuse to take over the liquor traffic, a charter should be granted to a private company in each province which would take charge over the liquor traffic on the express understanding that the company was to pay to its shareholders only a fixed dividend of a mod- erate amount, and the surplus profits were to be devoted to charitable philanthropic or other purposes to be desig- nated by the Provincial Government. (4) Should none

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