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Nov. 24, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 83 J and only 97 deaths had occurred there during the summer. The Treasurer's report indicated that more contributions were received in the year from October i, 1905, to September 30, 1906, than ever before. Resides the annual appropriation of S^ from the city, more than $60,000, largely in small amounts, was received. New Hospital Sunday Plan. — At a meeting of the Hospital Saturday and Sunday Association, held on November 12, it was decided to attempt to increase collections by securing offers of special gifts contingent upon results. By adopting this plan the trustees hope Cheap Zaditor to increase the $95,000 collected last year to more than $100,000 this year. Illinois Nurses Plan for State Registration. — Plans for a campaign Purchase Zaditor Online for State Xurse Registration will be brought before the next session of the Illinois Legislature by the nurses of the State. The nurses are determined that in this case the proposed meas- ure, which twice before has passed both Houses of the State Legislature, only to be vetoed by the Gov- ernor on account of technical defects, shall not fail for lack of due deliberation. The bill is now in the hands of an attorney, who is examining its provis- ions carefully, and who will report to the .Vssocia- tion on its constitutionality and Zaditor Coupons the probability of its passing. Aid for Sick Pupils. — The \isiting Nurses' .As- sociation of Chicago has completed a profitable year of work among the school-children of the city. It has issued a report showing that hundreds of boys and girls have been cured of ills and returned to school as a direct result of the experimental cam- paign of investigation and visitation carried on by the nur.^es ai the .Association during io6. .-\ year ago the directors of the organization decided to a])- propriate $1,000 of their money to be used in send- ing nurses to the schools of the poorer districts for the pur|)ose of bettering conditions among the boys and girls. Two British Suggestions. — According to the Order Zaditor Online physicians Purchase Zaditor of Middletown, N. Y., are reported to have com- piled a list of the people who are able to pay their doctors' bills but do not do so, and have agreed, except in Buy Zaditor Online emergencies, to collect in advance from Zaditor Drops these persons before treating them. The Sultan of Turkey is reported to be in a \cry precarious slate of health, and Dr. Bergmann has again been summoned in consultation from Ber- lin. The details concerning the Sultan's illness, which is the result of enlargement of the prostate gland, were given by the Constantinople correspond- ent of the Mkdkwl Rkcokd in the issue of Septem- ber 8. 1906. To Study Sleeping Sickness. — The French Geo- graphical Society has collected the sum of $40,000 for the purpose of organizing a mission to \Vest .Vfrica to study the sleeping sickness in the French Congo. .A central laboratory will be established in Pirazzcville. Consolidation of Medical Journals. — On Janu- ary I. 1907, the Therapeutic Gazette, Medical Age, and Medicine, all three published by E. (\. Swift of Detroit, Mich., will be consolidated and issued in future as one journal under the title of the Thera- peutic Gazette. The editors will be Alaway Or Zaditor Drs. Hobart Amory Hare and Edward Martin, long associated in die editorial conduct of the Therapeutic Gazette. Gift to the Yale Medical School. — At a meet- ing of the Vale CorjKiration in New Haven on November 19. a gift of $50,000 from an anonymou< giver was announced to establish the John Slade Ely Professorship in the Medical School in memory of Prof. Ely. who died in the spring. Dr. Theodore Schott of Bad Nauheim intends visiting the United States this winter for a stay of six or eight weeks. He will arrive in New York about the middle of January, and will, while in the country, read papers before societies in Boston, Cin- cinnati, and elsewhere. Dr. D'Orsay Hecht has been appointed Assist- ant Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases and .Medical Jurisprudence in the Northwestern Uni- \crsity Medical School, Chicago. One Death in the Wesleyan Typhoid Epidemic. — One of the six students who contracted typhoid fever supposedly as the result of eating infected oysters at a banquet, has died. Death of the Oldest Twin.— Last week what were supposed to be the oldest living twins were separated by death. They were brothers, living in Amsterdam and Syracuse, Generic Zaditor N. Y.. respectively, and their age was ninety-one years. The deceased three Zaditor Eye Drop years ago celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of his wedding. The death of an old lady on November 12 is reported Order Zaditor from Danville, Pa., as the result of a cold caught on the occasion of the celebration of her one hundredth birthday a Zaditor Price week before. 832 MEDICAL RFXORD. [Nov. 24, 1906 Immigration' Increasing. — The report of the Department of Commerce and Labor, issued on November 15, shows a marked increase in the immi- gration statistics. In the six months ended October 31, 1904, the number of arrivals from all countries was 442,685, and in the corresponding period this year 632,137 immigrants landed at American ports, an increase of 45 per cent. International Tuberculosis Congress. — At the fourth biennial session of this body, held at the Hotel Astor last week under the presidency of Dr. Daniel, the following officers were elected : Presi- dent, Dr. C. H. Irion of New Orleans ; Vice-Presi- dents, Dr. George R. Tabor of Texas, Dr. Charles Wood Fassett of Missouri, Dr. F. B. Fess of New Mexico, Dr. W. F. Drewry of Virginia, and Dr. J. W. McDonald of West Virginia; Secretary- Treasurer, Dr. Buy Cheap Zaditor M. M. Smith of Texas. Mr. Clark Bell was elected Honorary President. Society of Medical Inspectors. — At a meeting of the Society of the Medical Inspectors of the City of New York, held on November 16, the advisabil- ity of further development of the medical inspection of school children was urged. A number of school principals discussed the effect Buy Zaditor of physical defects in retarding the progress of the pupils, and one speaker stated that nearW 95 per cent, of the chil- dren were suffering from eye affections, adenoids, or some other condition that impeded their mental and physical growth. A Pure Milk Conference. — A public meeting was held in Zaditor Cost the hall of the New York Academy of Medicine on Tuesday evening of this week to con- sider the best means of insuring a pure milk sup- ply. No definite conclusions were arrived at, but resolutions were adopted to do away with the pro- hibition of the sale of pure skim milk, urging the spread of information as to the importance of clean- liness in handling milk, recommending legislation making pollution of milk receptacles a misdemeanor, and insuring the separation of milk from other goods sold in groceries. Southern Surgical and Gynecological Associa- tion. — The nineteenth annual meeting of this or- ganization will be held in Baltimore on December II, 12 and 13, 1906. The president is Dr. George H. Noble of Atlanta, the secretary Dr. William D. Haggard of Nashville, Tenn., and the chairman of the committee of arrangements Dr. Howard Kelly of Baltimore. Rockingham County (N. H.) Medical Society. — At the second annual meeting of this society, held in Exter on November 8, these officers were elected : President, Dr. A. B. Sherburne of Ports- mouth ; Vice-President, Dr. J. J. Berry of Portsmouth ; Eye Drops Zaditor Secretary, Dt. Walter Tuttle of Exe- ter; Treasurer, Dr. Alice M. Chesley of Exeter; Censor, Dr. Charles A. Morse of Newmarket. jEsculapian Society of the Wabash Valley. — • At the sixtieth annual meeting of this society, held recently at Paris, 111., the following officers were elected : President, Dr. Chas. B. Johnson, Cham- paign, 111. ; Vice-President, Dr. F. E. Bell, Mattoon, 111. ; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. H. N. Rafferty, Robinson, 111. ; Censors, Drs. J. T. Montgomery, Charleston, III, C. E. Price, Eaton, 111., Mark Rowe, Paris, III. W. E. Bell, Terre Haute, Ind., and T. E. Walton, Danville, 111. Champaign, 111, was chosen as the place for the semiannual meeting in May next. Obituary Notes. — D^-. Allen ,L. Jexkins, a

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