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example of that antithetic alternation which under- lies all the phenomena of living things." Whatever may be the outcome of what Beard calls the "medical aspect" of his theory as to the causation of cancer, his long continued researches as an em- bryologist, at least entitle his views to respect, Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate and they are to be corroborated or disproved only by the work Toprol Xl Generic Name of specialists in this same department of science. As a result of Beard's experiments upon two "Jensen" mice by the trypsin injection, he states that it appeared to him certain that "the action of trypsin upon the cancer-cell is to pull down albumin (a living substance) and that its action is direct and ruinous upon the trophoblast or asexual genera- tion." He expressed very remarkable confidence both as to the results of these experiments and their significance. He further states that the destructive action of the cancerous cells is due to malignin, a fact which was discovered by Petry in 1899. Beard further states that Prof. Jensen, whose brilliant work has been thoroughly recognized in Great Brit- ain, did not succeed though he tried many times to transfer cancerous material from man to the lower animals. He did, however, many times Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol transfer cancer from one animal to another of the same allied species, and so produced the so-called "Jensen mouse tumor." This was first done Cost Of Toprol Xl four years ago. I am not familiar with all of Prof. Beard's writings, but Saleeby says that Prof. Beard has. by trypsin in- jections, cured two mice and several individuals of cancerous growths. The theory is that trypsin acts upon cancer by digesting the cells and then the other pancreatic enzymes dispose of these products of digestion. 8i4 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. 24, 1906 As for the medical aspect of this subject, it suf- fices to say that the matter came to my attention, as it has to that of many practitioners, in a way and under circumstances which led me to give it consideration. I do not propose to discuss Beard's theories or express any criticism as to his experi- ments or their significance; it is sufficient to say that this treatment has come to our notice at a time when Generic Name For Toprol Xl the whole subject of cancer is receiving the most acute attention. The practitioner of medicine, familiar as he is with the present status of the sub- ject, must maintain an expectant attitude toward any therapeutic measures directed toward the miti- gation or cure of cancer. This treatment of Beard's, which is by the hypodermic injection of pancreatic extract, trypsin, certainly causes constitutional re- actions which are worthy of serious study. The hypKDdermic injection of organic extracts is not new. We know that, generally speaking, when properly prepared and sterile, they are nontoxic ; but they must be prepared by the trained specialist and under scientific laboratory methods. The suggestion of the hypodermic use of a potent digestive secretion of the pancreas gland with its enzymes was met with a feeling of hesitancy because of the possible effect of the trypsin, Generic For Toprol Xl in view of its well known powerful pro- teolytic action, notably on fibrin and albumins. I was as'sured, however, by Mr. Fairchild, that the results of both experimental and clinical work had already established the fact that trypsin itself exercises no digestive or destructive action upon the blood owing to the presence of an antitrypsin body. Further- more, that the "injection" was obtained from the fresh gland under rigid aseptic methods : was a 60 per cent, glycerin extract, sterilized by filtration under pressure through a Berkefeld filter, and taken up in vacuum into glass ampoules and then imme- diately sealed. The injection I have used was sup- plied bv Fairchild, under these circumstances. The hypodermic solution which I used, "injectio trypsini," contains the trypsin enzyme in its natural association with the other gland constituents, notably the amylopsin. To this fact special importance is attached by Dr. Beard, and after some months of ' observation he has expressed very strongly his con- viction Toprol Xl Coupon that certain symptoms which follow the use of the injections are not due to any direct action of the trypsin or to that of any of the pancreatic enzymes, but rather to the result of the absorption of the products formed by the action of the trypsin upon the cancer-cell, and to the dispersion of these throughout the system. And he suggests the use of an amylopsin injection in conjunction with that of the trypsin. It is of significance in this connection, that the toxic effects produced by the .x--rays are likewise said to have been due to the occasional disappearance of Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall the tumors under the influence of the rays, and to the absorption into the system of the broken- down tissue products. In accounting for certain symptoms which fol- lowed the use of the trypsin injections, we were stronslv inclined to the view that Toprol Xl 100 Mg they were due to the effect upon the system caused by the absorption of the tumor substance when it was attacked and disorganized by the "trypsin" injections. It should be remembered that this treatment has been em- ployed for some months by numbers of practitioners in various parts of the world, and with results which in the main have been so far from negative that it is now, I learn, to be submitted to a thorough clin- ical trial by specialists, and at hospitals upon such a scale and by such a method as to conclusively prove its therapeutic properties. 1 will now give the history of my case as it was presented to the American Laryngological Associa- tion. It is as follows : George M., age seventy ; father died of acute bowel trouble at the age of sixty ; mother died of cancer of the breast at age of seventy-five. She had been operated upon two or three years before. There were twelve children in the family ; nine died of consumption, ages twenty-seven to fifty. One was Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent supposed to have died of cancer of the kidney, aged seventy-five. Mr. M. had erysipelas forty years ago, which left a scar under the left eye. Six years ago he was sick in Paris Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl for four .veeks with an acute indiges- tion. He had had no other illness. Never had been a hard drinker or smoker. The history of the present ailment is as follows : In December, 1905, he began to get hoarse. There was no pain about the throat or cough. He was treated by his family physician. W'e first saw him March 7, 1906. We found that his left vocal cord was covered or involved throughout three-fourths of its length anteriorly with a dry, hard, grayish enlargement, having a nodulated irregular surface, presenting a typical carcinomatous appearance. The surface was dry and apparently not ulcer- ated. The injections were commenced at once, and repeated every second day. Five minims diluted with equal parts of water were injected under the Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl skin of the abdomen each day for the first ten days. After that the dose was increased to "i-o minims everv other day, which was employed for one week ; later 10 minims everj' other day. Later seven and one-half minims Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker every day and finally ten- minims every day were used. With these injections, holadin, which also is an extract of the pancreatic gland, was administered in three-grain capsules, one three times each day. The first effect of the trypsin injection that we noticed was a congestion and softening of the lar}-ngeal growth. From gray it became red. from hard it became soft, and from dry it became moist. The posterior fourth of the growth sloughed away in small Toprol Xl Beta Blocker pieces, and had disappeared after two weeks' treatment. The surface of the vocal band from which the slough had disappeared was congested but smooth, and there was no appearance of re- growth. The remainder of the growth was at all times soft, and moist, and two or three pieces sloughed away, but when the patient Generic Name For Toprol went to Europe in the middle of Mav three-fourths of the length of the growth was still present. In elevation it had somewhat shrunken. Nov. 24, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 81: About a week before the treatment was stopped the hoarseness was suddenly increased, and we found that it was due Toprol Xl Vs Generic to a marked congestion o£ the other vocal cord. Whether this was caused by an acute cold or by the effects of the medicines we could not tell. We employed no other treatment. No doubt exists in our minds that the trypsin injections pro- duced a very prompt and marked effect upon the growth. W hen the injections were Toprol Xl Generic Recall given in the largest quantity, viz., ten minims every Toprol Generic Equivalent day, con- stitutional symptoms were produced. The patient complained of feeling generally ill, headache, slight nausea, pain through body, slight rise of tempera- ture, never above 100. At such times the injections were omitted for one or two days, and all disagree- able symptoms disappeared. I should have said that the patient is in fine general health, quite as good as the average man of sixty. We felt that we could always trace a direct relation between the size of the dose of trypsin and the degree of the con- gestion of the growth. One other symptom was noted, that is, a tendency to congestion about the lips, soft palate, and uvula. The congestion was followed by ecchymotic spots at these locations. We believe that they were un- doubtedly caused by the trypsin injections. We were very much encouraged for the first two or three weeks of the treatment, because, as we have said, one-quarter of the growth disappeared. During the latter part of the treatment there was but little improvement and the patient was so anxious to go to Europe that we finally consented. The growth is entirely confined to the vocal band Is Toprol A Beta Blocker and shows no tendency to attack the sides of the larynx above. W^e only allowed him to use a cleans- ing spray. He is to be away for two months, and we hope to resume the treatment on his return. This case seemed especially favorable for the trial of the pancreatic treatment because the growth is so localized ; it had not been irritated by any form of local treatment, and the patient's general health is good. We have regretted that the patient's busi- ness has required him to talk a great deal. We feel that it could not have been merely a coincidence that the laryngeal growth commenced to soften and disintegrate in ten days or two weeks after the tryp- sin injections were commenced. It will be noted that the patient has a marked inheritance in the way of cancerous growths. When the patient went to Europe in a half-cured condition, we gave him 100 of the holadin capsules, and he took these, three a day. until they were all completed. This was the only treatment that he

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