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ment for six months, or both, for violations of regula- tions of local boards of health; providing that the town board of health shall be the village board of health in villages of under Tofranil Cost two thousand population ; requiring a certain standard of test for lager beer, ale, and porter, and providing that lager beer shall be kept in storage for six months after it is Buy Imipramine brewed before it is sold. A law was passed providing that every concern em- ploying a master plumber in New York City shall register his name and address annually in March at the office of the department of buildings and receive a certificate of registration, providing he holds a certi- ficate of competency from the plumbing board. Here- after the plumbing and drainage of all buildings, both public and private, in the city of New York, shall be executed in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the superintendent of buildings. An ap- propriation of $6, 000 was made for equipping the quarantine boat Ripple with disinfecting apparatus. The health officer of the port of New York was given S6,ooo for expenses of maintenance and repairs on Fire Island, and for the salaries of the superintend- ent, watchmen, and other employees during the year 1896; and the regents of the university $10,000 for conducting examinations in the preliminary education of dental Tofranil Online students as required by the law of 1895, chapter 626, and of veterinary students as required by the law of 1895, chapter 860, and for deficiency in the general examination appropriation caused by increase in number of schools and .students. Efforts were made, without success, to Tofranil Pm exempt from jury duty veterinary surgeons and registered dentists; also to amend the code of civil procedure as to physi- cal examination of plaintiff by physicians of the' same sex; also to regulate the employment of medical ex- pert testimony in criminal proceedings; also, provid- ing that the term funeral expenses, whenever Purchase Tofranil Online the same is used in connection with the settlement of the estates of decedents, shall hereafter be deemed to include the reasonable compensation of physicians and surgeons for services and medicines furnished to the decedent during the last illness in the lifetime of the decedent. An appropriation of $3,500 was made for the State medical library. A law was passed, making it a misdemeanor if any person in charge of an ambulance or hospital shall refuse in answer to a call for an ambulance to take to the hospital from which the ambulance came, for exam- ination and yeatment, the person or persons for whom a call may be made. A charter was given to the Mer- chant Marine Hospital Service, with William T. Jenkins, M.D., Carter S. Cole, M.D., A. T. Talmadge, M.D., C. W. Hogan, and Cornelius Van Cott as the incorporators. The commissioners of the sinking fund of New York City were authorized to lease to the Hospital for Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria Pa- tients a piece of ground belonging to the city and situated Tofranil Price on the block bounded by Avenue C, East River, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Streets. The board of trustees of Faxon Hospital in Utica were required to grant equal rights and privileges to practitioners of all schools of medicine. The New York Tofranil Uses HomcEopathic College and Hospital was allowed to charge for board, nursing, and medical or surgical aid and attention, $1 a day for each needy and charity patient who occupies a bed in the Flower .Surgical Hospital, belonging to the New York Homoe- opathic College and Hospital, such payment not to exceed $1,200 a year. Another law confirmed the title of St. Luke's Hospital to certain lands in New York City by consenting to, ratifying, validating, and con- firming certain deeds made by the mayor, aldemien, and commonalty of New York City, and certain deeds made by the rector, churchwardens, and vestrymen of the Anglo-American Free Church of Saint George the Martyr. Houses or homes for the reformation, pro- tection, or shelter of females day nurseries or corpo- rations or societies for the care and instruction Buy Imipramine Online of poor babies and needy children, and industrial homes and any benevolent or charitable corporation owning or maintaining public baths, for free school societies, or free circulating libraries, now existing in New York City, were exempted from the payment of water rates, under the law of 18S7, providing hospitals, orphan asylums, and other charitable institutions in the city with water, and remitting assessments therefor. An appropriation of $6,000 Order Tofranil Online was made to the Pasteur Insti- tute of New York City, as a full equivalent for ser- vices, as provided in chapter 770 of the laws of 1895. M. J. Dady was given $4,500 to purchase the building and land situated at and adjoining Buy Cheap Tofranil the Kings County farm for the use of the hospital, valuation to be fixed by the board of managers of the hospital. These hospital bills failed: legalizing certain acts of the board of supervisors of Erie County, and pro- viding for the management and maintenance of P>ie County Hospital as an institution Buy Tofranil Online separate from the almshouse; amending the town law so as to enable towns to raise money for the support of hospitals; allowing New York City to appropriate $10,000 an- nually to the community of Notre Dame de Bon Secours (Good Help) for its charitable uses and pur- poses, and to St. Mark's Hospital, for board, nursing, and medical or surgical aid and attendance, $1 per Buy Tofranil day for each needy and charity patient who receives such care, support, and maintenance from said hospi- tal, such payments not to e.xceed in the aggregate $30,000 per annum ; providing for the erection of a i8o MEDICAL RECORD. [August 1, 1896 hospital in Brooklyn for the use of the department of charities and corrections and under its supervision. A bill abolishing all the coroners in the State, in obedience to the new constitution, and Order Tofranil with the ap- proval of the State medical and bar associations, was introduced but not passed. It did away with all coro- ners, post-mortem examiners, coroners' physicians, and Cheap Tofranil coroners' jurors, and conferred upon the appellate divisions of the Supreme Court power to appoint their successors. The bill abolishing coroners' juries also failed. A two-year term was made for the coro- ners of New York County ; and a four-year term for the coroners of Kings County. In the former county the coroners were allow'ed to appoint two assistant clerks, Purchase Tofranil who shall keep the office open between the hours of 4 P.M. and 9 a.m., every day in the year, in- cluding Sundays and legal holidays, one at least of said clerks being in attendance during said hours; but an effort to raise the salaries of coroners' physi- cians from $3,000 to $5,000 failed. A law was passed protecting the owners of bottles, boxes, siphons, tins, or kegs used in the sale of soda waters, mineral or aerated waters, porter, ale, beer, cider, ginger ale, milk, cream, small beer, lager beer, weiss beer, white beer, or other beverages, or medi- cines, medical preparations, perfumery, oils, com- pounds, or mixtures. The law relating to instructions as to the bad effects of alcoholic liquors was revised. The trustees of the Clifton Springs Sanitarium Com- pany were authorized to issue $150,000 in bonds and to mortgage the trust property to raise money to pay the cost of completing the new sanitarium building. The charter of the Inebriates' Home for Kings County was amended relating to the appointment of directors. Among the bills that failed were these: providing for the medical treatment of persons who have been convicted of public intoxication; providing for the treatment of the disease of drunkenness; providing for the treatment and cure of inebriates and persons addicted to the excessive use of opium and other nar- cotics; prohibiting vivisection and dissection in the public schools; relating to proceedings for the com- mitment of the insane to State hospitals and other in- stitutions: charter for the Optical Society Tofranil Tablets of the State of N>;w York for the purpose of improving and regu- lating the practice of dispensing and refracting op- ticians. Laws local to New York City were passed: author- izing the sinking fund commissioners, whenever re- quired to do so by the board of health, to set apart Generic Tofranil land on the south side of East Seventeenth Street be- tween Avenue C and the East River, and adjacent to the hospitals now under the control and supervision of the board of health, for the construction thereon of a building as an ambulance station and vaccine lab- oratory; for the relief of the Mount Sinai Training School for Nurses, and legalizing its incorporation. These bills failed: amending the law regulating the sale of poisons so that the name of the substance or substances best known and used as the antidote for the article contained in the box, bottle, vessel, or paper shall be given ; forbidding any but a registered pharmacist to expose or offer for sale at retail any medicine, medicinal preparation, or poison whatso- ever; allowing an ofhcer or employee who has served thirty yeas in the health department of New York City to draw upon the health department pension fund; Tofranil 50 Mg amending the charter of the Deutsche Poli- klinik; making further provision for the proper main- tenance, care, and treatment of sick, infirm, and desti- tute persons in New York City under the jurisdiction and care of the commissioner of public charities. An amendment was made to the law enabling the Kings County Pharmaceutical Society to establish a college of pharmacy in the city of Brooklyn. These bills were lost: allowing the commissioner of police and excise in Brooklyn to appoint not to exceed seven surgeons, and all surgeons so appointed shall hold such office at the pleasure of the commissioner; creat- ing a board of physicians and surgeons for the city of Brooklyn, defining the duties thereof, and abolishing all surgeons connected with any of the departments of said city, except the department of health: amending the Erie County midwifery law of 1S85, so that the county judge shall appoint a board of examiners in midwifery to consist of nine members (each with a three-year term), who shall have been licensed to practise physics and surgery in this State, and who shall have been in active practice tor at least five years. An Old -Timer. — A correspondent in Chelsea, Mass., sends the following: ''Some of us in these days of tablet triturates Tofranil Mg and ready-made syrups, elix- irs, solutions, and what not, are rapidly becoming rusty in the gentle art of writing the prescription, es- pecially the one of the shot-gun order. To show that even our State board of registration has not caused this to become a lost art in the old Bay State, I beg to submit the following, taken from the file of one of our city druggists who has tilled it twice during the last month. The man had gleet and said this cured him : " IJ Calsum hypophos 3 iij- Potas. hypophos gr. .\xv. Lithier brom ? i. 1 )ie. phosfor. acid I i^. Fl. ex. nux vomika | iss. hyJrasters 3 vi. " hammemelis J vi. " cann. indica 3 iss. " gelseminumi 3 i. " gentiern 31]. " chira. ophila ? ij. Oil of morrus 3 iv.

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