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Louis Bricout has made a careful study of this subject, and has reached the conclusion that amenorrhea is far less fre- quent during lactation than is generally admitted. Con- ception during this amenorrhea is very frequent. As con- ception often occurs during lactation it may be surmised that in spite of the absence order tenormin online of menstruation, ovulation con- tinues in a normal manner. Bricout cites an extremely curious personal observation. A woman thirty-five order tenormin years old had had within fifteen years seventeen pregnancies. Thirteen of the children were born at term; there were cheap tenormin four abortions. buy tenormin In all of these pregnancies conception had taken place during the amenorrhea of lactation, without the re- establishment of menstruation. generic tenormin In essential amenorrhea, that which is not connected with any pathological altera- tion of the genital tenormin online organs, conception is far more rare, al- though it is sometimes observed. — Journal de Medecine et de Chirurgie Pratiques. 8o8 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. 17, 1906 BULLETIN OF APPROACHING EXAMINATIONS.t STATB. Alabama* NAME AND ADDRESS OP PLACE AND DATE OP SECRETARY. NEXT EXAMINATION. - - . . W. H. Sanders, Montgomery .Montgomery . .Dec. 1-6 Anzona* Ancil tenormin 25 mg Martin, Phoenix Phoenix January 8 Arkansas* F. T. Murphy, Brinkley Brinkley January 7 Cahforma Chas. L. Tisdale, Alameda. . .San Francisco .Dec. 18 Colorado S. D. Van Meter, 1723 Tre- mont Street, Den ver Denver January i Connecticut*. . . Chas. A. Tuttle, New Haven . New Haven . . .March tenormin 50mg 1 3 Delaware P. W.Tomlinson, Wilmington . Dover Dec. 1 1 Dis. of Col'bia.. W.C.Woodward, Washington. buy tenormin online Washington. . .January Florida* J. D. Fernandez, Jacksonville. Jacksonville. ..May Georgia E. _R._Anthony, Griffin Atlanta April IS Idaho . . Illinois . Indiana. E}}:i} L. Conant, Jr., Genesee Boise April 3 A. Egan, Springfield Chicago January — . T. Gott, 120 State House, Indianapolis Indianapolis. . May j8 Iowa J. F. Kennedy, Des Moines. tenormin syrup .Des Moines. . .Dec. 11 Kansas tenormin atenolol T. E. Raines, Concordia Topeka February ii Kentucky* J. N. McCormack, Bowling _ , . Green Louisville April 23 Louisiana F. A. La Rue, 211 Camp St., New Orleans cheapest tenormin New Orleans .. May 9 Maine Wm. J. Maybury, Saco Portland March — P. Scott, Hagerstown. . . Baltimore Dec 13 B. Harvey, State House, Boston Boston March 1 2 .B. D. Hanson, 205 Whitney Building, Detroit Ann Arbor. .. .June 11 -O. E. Linjer, 24 South Fourth Maryland f . Mc buy cheap tenormin Massachusetts*.E Michigan. Minnesota . . Mississippi . Street, Minneapolis St. Paul January F. Hunter, Jackson Jackson May Missoun j. A. B. Adcoct, Warrensburg.liansas tenormin tablet City. . .Nov. Montana* Wm. C. Riddell, Helena Helena April — Nebraska Geo. H. Brash, Beatrice Lincoln Nevada S. L. Lee, Carson City Carson City . ..FeU 4 N. Hamp re*. .. Henry C. Morrison, State Li- . brary, Concord Concord January purchase tenormin online — New Jersey J.W.Bennett, Long Branch . .Trenton June 18 New Mexico B. D. Black, Las Vegas Santa Fe Dec. 3 f New York, 1 .C.F.WheelorkUniv.of State! Albany, '1 , of New York, Albany. . . Syracuse. [January 29 [ Buffalo. j .G. T. Sikes, Grissom Morehead City. May — . H. M. Wheeler, Grand Forks. .Grand Forks.. . January i _, , , - .Geo. H. Matson, Columbus. ..Columbus Dec 11 Oklahoma* J. W. Baker, Enid Guthrie Dec. 26 Oregon* B. E. Miller. Portland Portland January i Pennsylvania!. .N. C. Schaeffer. Harrisburg. ( ™tsb^P^'^ } " Rhode Island.. .G. T. Swarts, Providence Providence. . ..January 3 .. .W. M. Lester, Columbia Columbia June — . . . H. E. McNutt. Aberdeen . Sioux Falls. . . .January 9 New York . N. Carolina* N. Dakota.. Ohio S. Carohna. S. Dakota.. Tennessee* T. J. Happel, Trenton. Texas Utah* Vermont Virginia Washington* W. Virginia* Wisconsin. . . Wyoming. 1 [ May .T. T. Jackson, San Antonio... Austin April . R. W. Fisher, Salt Lake tenormin 25 City. . Salt Lake City. January .W. Scott Nay, Underbill tenormin 25mg Montpelier. .. .January . R. S. Martin, Stuart Richmond .... Dec. 30 7 C. W. Sharpies, Seattle Spokane January 2 ..H. A. Barbee, Point Pleasant .Parkersburg. .April g . . J. V. Stevens. Jefferson Milwaukee ... .January 8 . .. . -S. B. Miller, Laramie Cheyenne Dec. 5 *No reciprocity recognized by these States. tApplicants should in every case write to the secretary for latest details regarding the examination in any particular State. Missouri reciprocates under certain conditions, with Indiana,_ Michigan, Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Delaware, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. tenormin iv A licentiate living in either of these States who desires to secure a license in Missouri to practise medicine must be able to comply with the fol- lowing rules: (i) That a certificate of registration show- ing purchase tenormin that an e-xamination has been made by the proper board of any State, on which an average grade of not less than 75 per cent, was awarded, the holder thereof having been

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