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April 3 and 4, 1906. chemistry. 1. Give the formula of each of five compounds, giving the name in each case, and the dose. 2. Give the name and formula of Epsom salt, Glauber's salt, and Rochelle salt. 3. Mention five mineral poisons, and give the antidote for one of them. 4. Name the nonmetallic chemical elements, which in various combinations are found Buy Suhagra in the tissues of the body. 5. How may you decide whether a urinary deposit is urates or phosphates? anatomy. 1. Describe Cipla Suhagra 100 the inferior maxillary bone. 2. Name muscles of posterior tibo-fibular group, super- ficial, and deep, (a) Give origin and insertion of (l) Pectoralis major; (2) External oblique; (3) Sartorius; (4) Triceps muscles. 3. Give course, relations, and branches of external car- otid artery, (a) Give blood supply of rectum. 4. Give origin, course, and distribution of great sciatic nerve, (a) Give nerve supply of heart. 5. Describe the stomach. SURGERY. 1. Give treatment, constitutional and local, of Burns. 2. Suhagra 100mg Name the varieties of fractures, (a) State the car- dinal principles in the treatment of fractures. 3. Describe an operation for the radical cure of oblique inguinal hernia. 4. Define hemorrhoids, (a) Give varieties and treat- ment. 5. Define a chancre, (a) State period of primary and secondary incubation, (b) Buy Suhagra Online Treatment, local and constitu- tional. MATERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEUTICS. 1. Source of ergot; define its use in obstetrics. 2. Name four preparations of mercurj' ; give dose ol each. 3. Source of quinine ; for what is it a specific ? 4. What is meant by hemostatics? Describe their mode of action ; name several of them. 5. Write a prescription for a general tonic with tincture nux vomica and a preparation of arsenic. OBSTETRICS AND DISEASES OF CHILDREN. 1. How would you manage a shoulder presentation? 2. Generic Suhagra Differentiate between a five-months pregnancy, ovarian cystoma, ascites and uterine fibroid. 3. What is the Braxton-Hick's sign of pregnancy? How obtained ? 4. Under what condition would you be justified in inducing premature labor? $. What direction would you give the nurse as to care of infant during Order Suhagra first week? PHYSIOLOGY. 1. Describe a white blood corpuscle. Where are they formed? What is their function, and what is their ulti- mate end? 2. The salivary secretion is derived from what three glands? What is the physiological action of saliva? 3. What are the three motions of the heart, and their cause? 4. What is the volume of air taken in the body in an ordinary inspiration? How is this chemically represented, and how much of the O is absorbed? 5. What is the result of a lesion of the spinal cord in the cervical region? In the sacral region? •It is proposed In this department to publish from time to time the examination papers of the various State Boards, in order that a candidate may become familiar with the character of the examination and so in some measure free himself in advance from the nervousness and dread which the unknown inspires. In furtherance of the same object answers to some of the questions will be published in order to show the candidate what the examiners expect of him. Not all the questions of all the papers will be so treated, for the answers to many, especially in the anatomical papers, are obvious or can be found Suhagra Online in Suhagra In India the index of any text- book on the subject: the answers to other questions, especially in the surgical papers, must sometimes be omitted because of the space they would demand. The candidate for a medical license will not find In these answers a short and easy road to success in the examination, for he is not likely to meet the same questions in the papers placed before him by the fxaminers. The object of publishing the questions and answers is onlv. as noted above, to acquaint the student with the general character of these examinations Suhagra For Women and to inspire him with confidence in the result of his trial. Nov. Suhagra Tablet 17, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 805 PATHOLOGY. 1. Mention the pyogenic bacteria. 2. Describe the blood changes in pernicious anemia. 3. Give the structural changes which take place in chronic and acute appendicitis. 4. Differentiate between a typhoid ulcer and a tubercu- lar ulcer of the intestines. 5. Describe Suhagra 100 Cipla the process of repair. GYNECOLOGY. 1. Define menorrhagia and metrorrhagia, (a) Give causes and treatment. 2. Describe an operation for the repair Cipla Suhagra of a lacerated cervix. 3. Give symptoms of carcinoma of the uterus, (a) Treatment. 4. Define retroversion and retroflexion of the uterus, (a) Symptoms and treatment. 5. Give symptoms and treatment of ectopic gestation. 1. Define lobar pneumonia, (a) Give symptoms and treatment. 2. Define malaria, (a) Give prophylactic and medical treatment. 3. Differentiate between chickenpox and smallpox. 4. Define measles ; point out the most dangerous com- plications. 5. Suhagra 50 Mg Differentiate true croup and spasmodic. OBSTETRICS AND DISEASES OF CHILDREN. 1. Give svmptoms, causes, and treatment, of acute mas- titis? 2. Give principal causes and treatment of rupture of uterus. 3. Treatment of inertia uteri. 4. Differentiate between diphtheria and the disease with which it might be confounded. 5. Give treatment of bronchopneumonia. ANSWERS Suhagra Tablets TO STATE BOARD EXAMINATION QUESTIONS. Michigan State Board of Registration in Medicine.* October 9, 10, and 11, 1906. Anatomy. 4. The collateral circulation is through (i) the internal carotid and vertebral of or- side with those of Suhagra Cipla the other, through the circle of Willis ; (2) superior thyroid with inferior thyroid ; (3) deep cervical of superior intercostal with princeps cervicis of occipital ; (4) superior thyroid, lin- gual, facial, occipital, and temporal branches of external carotid, with corresponding arteries of the other side. PHYSIOLOGY. 1. Metabolism is a name given to the entire series of changes that occur in a cell or organism during the proc- esses of nutrition. It is of two kinds: (i) anabolic, or constructive, and (2) catabolic, or destructive. 2. When, in the small intestine, by the action of the pancreatic enzyme amylopsin, it has been entirely converted into maltose and dextrose. 3. The portal system of veins begins and ends in capil- laries. Its function is to carry to the liver blood loaded with material absorbed from the contents of the stomach and intestines. 4. The functions of the liver other than the secretion of bile are: (i) the formation of glycogen, (2) the for- mation of urea and uric acid, (3) the manufacture of heat, and (4) the conversion of poisonous and harmful into inert material. 5. The changes take place in the capillaries of the lungs, and are: (l) the giving up of the COi by the venous blood. (2) the absorption of oxygen during inspiration, (3) the blood is cooled, and (4) it also loses a small amount of watery vapor. 6. The functions of the stomach are: (i) to Suhagra Price receive the food after mastication and deglutition; (2) to secrete the gastric juice, which can act upon the food after it has entered the stomach ; (3) by means of its muscular move- ments to blend and incorporate the gastric juice with the food it has Cheap Suhagra received ; (4) to absorb such parts as are ready for absorption. 7. The valveless veins are : the Suhagra 100 venae cavae, hepatic veins, portal vein and its branches, renal, uterine, ovarian, pul- monary, cerebral, spinal, and umbilical veins. The sinuses of the skull and very small veins are also without valves. These veins, not being liable to pressure, do not require •The Suhagra 50 questions were published In the issue of November 3. the action of the valves, the chief function of which is to prevent a reflux of blood back towards the capillaries.

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