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and Blum on the action of meat upon the thyroid showed that glycosuria could follow the thyroid treatment if much meat was taken. The speaker referred to two such cases that had come under his personal experience, where pre- viously no alimentary glycosuria could be produced after a test dinner with large quantities of carbohydrates. Thy- roid treatment could also favorably influence arterio- sclerosis, and cirrhotic conditions of the liver and kid- neys. Ovarial organotherapy gave favorable results in the nervous symptoms following the menopause and cas- tration. Dr. Lorand said he had invariably seen good re- sults in cases of chronic nephritis by using extracts of the fresh kidneys of the pig. In cases of defective elimina- tion of cooking salt, the speaker said he had seen a con- siderable augmentation of the same in each case after thyroid treatment, which also increased the elimination of uric acid. In a number of cases he had found that the serum of animals whose thyroid had been extirpated gave excellent results in insomnia. Dr. Egbert Le Fevre said that the therapeutic uses of the thyroid gland always afforded an interesting study, al- though he could not say that the results of his work had taken such definite form as those reported by the readers of the papers. Those who were in the practice of general medicine not infrequently met with rather obscure cashes, and in such instances some had been induced to try thy- roid extract. The benefit resulting from this method of treatment purchase suprax had at times been very pronounced and liad led 10 considerable enthusiasm, in which the speaker snid tnat he himself had betn inclined to .share, but as tim; wtr* on he had noticcl ti;'!* this improvement had not betn of a permanent character, especially in nervous patients, who were apt to improve temporarily under any new method of treatment. The 'ise of the new instruments of precision for nicasuring *Ye blood pressure had shown that the thy- roid extra( t had produced a marked fall in cases where the pressure had previously been persistently high. Dr. Le Fevre said he had been much interested lately in the reports of Romberg's clinic upon the effects of the iodides upon blood pressure. It had been shown that when the iodides were given for a long time in small doses they pro- duced a distinct change in the tension of the pulse, due to diminished viscosity of the blood. The speaker said he had .seen a number of cases of syphilis in which the with- (I'awal of the iodides, after their long-continced use in good-sized doses, had resulted in muscular tremor and weakness, and a condition very analogous to that ob- served in hypothyroidism. It seemed quite apparent that the activity of the thyroid gland had been impaired, or at least modified, by the long-continued use of the iodides. While some patients were temporarily improved, and others permanently, by the use of thyroid extract, the speaker said he had seen cases where harm had been done by the in- judicious and persistent use of the remedy, especially when it was given in obscure cases. He had never bem able to get any definite results from organotherapy in the treatment of nephritis. In the preparation of all renal extracts, he thought an effort should suprax cefixime be made to obtain them from animals which in their diet, etc., were most closely allied to the human species. Otherwise, there was apt to be a wide variance in the physiological properties of the extracts. Dr. S. P. Beebe referred to the more recent develop- ments in the manufacture of the serum for the treatment of exophthalmic goiter. He said that while much had been heard in regard to the physiology and therapeutic value of the thyroid gland in animals, very little was known in regard to the manner of the action of this serum. It was now a little over a year ago since the first two cases of exophthalmic goiter were treated by this method, but most of the cases of which any definite record had been kept were treated during the past six months. It was therefore impossible, as yet, to make any positive statements regarding its value. Dr. Beebe said that suprax mg during the hot weather it was almost impossible to make a serum of definite efficiency; this was not only true of the antithyroid serum, but of buy suprax online other suprax injection serums as well. Serums made in cold weather were much more efficient. 802 MEDICAL RECORD. [Nov. 17, 1906 Another fact which order suprax we were just beginning to appreciate was the late improvement which sometimes occurred after the serum treatment in suprax cefixime 400 mg exophthalmic goiter. He also re- ferred to its prompt effect in relapses, and mentioned one case where four relapses were readily controlled by single doses of the serum. The relapses, apparently, were much more amenable to the serum treatment than was the or- iginal attack. Dr. C. Am Ende said that eight years ago he began ex- periments which resulted in the preparation of an e.xtract of sheep's thyroids. The extract contained a substance that apparently acted as an antibody to the cancer toxins, and as an illustration of this fact the speaker presented a case of inoperable adenocarcinoma of the upper rectum and sigmoid flexure in suprax generation which marked benefit had followed the use of the remedy. He recalled a number of other cases in which it had materially prolonged the life of the patients, and to a certain extent it prevented extension of the malignant diseases through the lymphatics. It also exerted a marked influence in alleviating pain. This was also accomplished by the use of the Roentgen rays, but the combined effect of the rays and the thyroid extract was more pronounced than that exerted by either factor singly. The discussion was closed by Drs. Walsh and Sajous. Chicago Medical Society. At a meeting held October 17, 1906, Dr. William Hessert reported three cases of hemorrhage from the stump following appendectomy. Dr. Albert H. Burr described an easy method of evacuating the contents of the stomach into the duodenum. He likewise spoke of normal lavage without the stomach tube, and gave some therapeu- tical hints on abdominal gymnastics. He spoke of the con- ditions under which the stomach contents are retained beyond the period of normal digestion. He described the symptoms of retention, and spoke of the advantages of passing the contents through the normal channel. The method of accomplishing it was by assuming a certain position upon the right side to favor gravitation of the contents to the pyloric end of the stomach. He recom- mended strong rhythmic contractions of the abdominal muscles upon the stomach to stimulate peristalsis, and said that finally there should be firm fixation of the diaphragm by deep-sustained inhalation while strong abdominal con- tractions were made. This voluntary reversed emesis was not difficult to learn. The same process was applicable for stomach lavage in a large class of cases where it was indi- cated for therapeutic purposes, with advantages over the routine use of the stomach tube. He prescribed a series of daily bedside abdominal gymnastics for deep, active massage of all contained viscera, with a view to promoting the activity of the lymph glands and lymph circulation for both therapeutic and prophylactic effects. Dr. Hugh T. P.-^trick read a paper entitled "Remarks on a Few Disorders of Sleep." The first disorder de- scribed had been called nocturnal palsy, night numbness, sleep numbness, waking numbness, and acroparesthesia nocturna. The suprax 400mg patient wakened in the night buy suprax with one or more extremities numb, tingling, and more or less par- alyzed. This paralysis might be complete, but was of short duration. After some minutes of rubbing, slapping, shaking, etc., normal sensation and motion returned and the patient was able to go to sleep again. When the trouble was hemiplegic in distribution it very closely simulated an apoplectic attack without loss of consciousness, and might seriously suprax tablets frighten the patient, as well as give considerable concern to the medical attendant. The causes of this dis- order, approximately in the order of their importance, were neurasthenia and general nervousness, malnutrition and general debility, the menopause, rheumatism, cold and wet, anemia, arteriosclerosis, hysteria, tobacco, gastro- intestinal disorder, gout, Bright's disease, diabetes, and pregnancy. The next disorder considered was what the author called painful awakenings. In this disorder the patient would waken suddenly with a feeling of intense apprehension or panic, as if something dreadful were about to happen or had just happened. There was apt to be palpi- tation, tachopnea, generalized trernor, or more frequently a sensation of trembling without visible tremor, sometimes cold perspiration and a feeling of great prostration. As nearly as may be ascertained these attacks had no relation to nightmare or bad dreams. They occurred principally in the course of functional nervous disease, and although most distressing, not to say alarming, to the patient, were entirely harmless, and nearly always disappeared with successful treatment of the antibiotic suprax general nervous condition. However, sometimes heart disease, Bright's disease, arterio- sclerosis, or adenoids stood in a causal relation to the disorder. The author then described different types of what he ventured to call indormescent shocks. They were so called because they occurred just as suprax injections the patient was falling asleep or immediately suprax 400 mg tablet after. They might be divided into motor and sensory, although sometimes the two were combined in the same patient or in the same shock. In a very mild degree the motor shock was familiar to every- one, simply consisting of a sharp muscular start or jerk about the time one was falling asleep. The starts in this degree might be called physiological, as nearly every person had experienced them, but they sometimes reached an intensity which made them distinctly pathological. In such a case the sudden muscular contraction might be so violent and so generalized as literally to throw the patient into the air and turn him over in bed, and in some cases these jerks might be repeated ten or twenty times before the patient finally passed into a sound sleep. The sensory shocks were very apt to be related to the special senses. A typical case was that of suprax antibiotic for children a neurasthenic patient who was awakened by what seemed to be the discharge of a suprax antibiotics pistol inside of his head. He was conscious of a tremendous crash, like an explosion, and at the same time felt conscious of a vivid flash of light. He sprang from the bed, was terribly frightened, sat up the rest of the night, and for weeks thereafter retired with great timidity lest there should be a recurrence of the phenomenon. Another patient, a middle-aged woman, had a sensation of having received a violent blow on the head, and she felt certain that some- one had struck such a blow. In intense agony she generic suprax waited for the second, which she felt would follow instantly, but after a time realized that it was purely a sensation and that she had received no bodily harm. Still another patient was suddenly awakened by what seemed to be a great flash of light, and another had a sudden sensation in the epigastrium as if he had received a violent blow in that region. A neurasthenic and hypochondriacal gentleman past middle age was several times awakened by a sound which he likened to a violent and sudden grinding together of two stones, the intensity of the sensation being sufficient suprax 100 to constitute a real pain. Other instances were related, in all of which the disturbance was sufficient to concern, if not greatly alarm, the patient, but the author had never known this particular disturbance to be a symptom of organic disease. The disorder of sleep suprax cefixime tablets always disappeared with the disappearance of the nervousness and a return to good general health. Philadelphia County Medical Society. At a stated meeting held October 24 Dr. George Erety Shoemaker demonstrated a specimen of "Dermoid Cyst of the Ovary," one of "Ruptured Hematoma of an Oviduct," perhaps an ectopic pregnancy, and one of "Tuberculosis of the Vermiform Appendix." Dr. H. Emerson Wetherill exhibited a simple pocket device for studying atmospheric conditions. Dr. J. Dutton Steele read a paper entitled Nov. 17, 1906] MEDICAL RECORD. 803

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